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Coaxial UV lamp

Schemes image of a coaxial ultraviolet lamp

Ultraviolet (UV) lamp is applied

An ultraviolet (UV) lamp of coaxial design is used in the ATOC TOC analyzers for the oxidation of organic impurities. 

In this case, the analyzed water flows in the center of the lamp, and UV radiation is generated around the periphery. This design allows:

1. significantly increase the oxidation efficiency of the UV lamp

2. reduce power consumption

3. to increase the duration of work.

After connecting the analyzer to the analyzed water main, it enters the UV reactor through a 100-μm filter, a flow regulator and a G1 / T1 sensor unit, where the temperature and specific conductivity of the input water are measured.

At the command of the electronic unit of the device, the control valve is turned on, and the flow of water through the reactor stops. After that, the water, "locked" in the reactor, is irradiated with UV light.

The radiation dose required for the oxidation of organic impurities is set by the manufacturer during the calibration of the instrument.

Electrical conductivity sensor

The body is made of stainless steel and is mounted in the line with the analyzed water by means of a threaded connection of three quarters of an inch. The length of the sensor cable is 3 m. At the request of the consumer, you can make an arbitrary length.

An example of the time dependence of the concentration of total organic carbon


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